5 Welsh Artists That Have Contributed to The Welsh Culture

There is no shortage for art in Wales. For a visitor or a local, the place is a haven of events that revolve around art and is an inspiration to art lovers. The history behind the art and the landscapes that contribute to the art scene is what makes art that originates from Wales so unique. There are many artists who are from Wales, who have contributed significantly to the world of artistic impressions. While some of them have moved away from staying in Wales, the Welsh always remember their strong roots that comes from years of conditioning, to love their origins.

Kyffin Williams

The most famous landscape painter from Wales is the well-known artist, Kyffin Williams. He is one of the most remarkable painters in the 20th century who started painting because of the therapeutic effects. Little did he know that he would excel in the art forms and become world-renowned. The art that he creates mainly centers around the abundance of landscapes that make up the Welsh countryside. Several galleries around the UK display his art permanently, because of the popularity and the significance of his work.

Cerith Wyn-Evans

Born in Llanelli, Cerith is known to be a conceptual artist. He is a sculptor and a filmmaker as well, apart from being a renowned artist. The unique artistic impression of Cerith is the light installations he created as part of his talent. In the 90s he began working on films as an experiment and uses light in unique ways. The Venice Biennale was honored to have his art displayed at the first pavilion. This brought both Wales and the artist, many accolades. He made his mark by beaming the 18th-century Welsh text onto the sky.

Cedric Morris

This Swansea born artist is one who is inspired by landscapes as well. He was always surrounded by the Welsh Valleys while growing up and this laid the foundation for the art he created. Apart from landscapes, he also paints portraits and flowers. The man is passionate about nature and is an avid gardener. When you look at a Morris masterpiece, it is easy to identify it for the detail and the color it possesses.

Elfyn Lewis

The National Eisteddfod of Wales, Gold Medal for the year 2009 belongs to Elfyn. His art gave him the credit of being called the artist of the same year as well. He was born in Porthmadog and focuses on landscapes as well, like many other Welsh artists. However, the unique selling feature of his art is the colorful combinations he uses when he creates abstract nestled into landscapes. Elfyn Lewis creates art with layers and layers of paint to create art which is unique and transformational.

Barry Flanagan

This artist is famous for his work on sculptures. His noteworthy work of art is the bronze hare sculptures that are littered throughout the world. The Union Square in New York displays his work proudly to showcase the’ large left-handed drummer’; an iconic bronze statue of a hare. Two hares are displayed in Cologne at a sculpture park as well. He was born in 1941 and his work is of epic value and pride to the Welsh.

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