Monthly Archives: October 2018

Fantastic Folklore and Superstitious Traditions

If there is one thing that the Welsh are proud of it’s their tradition and customs. Right from the 18th century, there have been several attempts to abolish the Celtic traditions of the Welsh, to no avail. None of the efforts to stomp out the myths and the traditional values of the Welsh have been […]

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Cerith Wyn Evans – Creating Welsh Art with Neon and Light

The manipulation of light to form beautiful art pieces that leave spectators in awe is possible by the one and only Cerith Wyn Evans. Hailing from Wales and born in 1958, the brilliant artist is known for his works in the hues of neon lighting. He currently resides in London but is world renowned for […]

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Unique Welsh Customs That Only the Natives Would Understand

When visiting Wales, visitors often refer to them as part of being British. However, the false assumption is among the many unique customs of the Welsh that visitors don’t understand. From the unique language to the slang used by the Welsh, they are a league of their own. Popular trivia about the uniqueness of Wales […]

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