Magical Experiences to Witness in Wales

Visitors who have visited Wales are often struck by the magical sense of calm and beauty the place radiates. There is more to the culture, landscape and the food that Wales hs to offer. The locals who leave Wales always come back for the sense of home they find in Wales. The Welsh language is a tongue twister and part of the experience that you should try to grasp if you are traveling. The locals are very appreciative of visitors who attempt to speak the language and welcome everyone, near and far, with open arms.

Snowdonia National Park

The Welsh call this National Park as ‘Eryri’ as a fond term. The meaning of the word is ‘The place of the Eagles.’ Snowdonia National Park has the tallest mountain in Wales and England. This means that eagles and red-kites are found in abundance on this mountain. The National Park even houses breeding centers for the endangered kites and eagles. The Red Kites can live in their natural habitat and researches help in the propagation of the endangered species. As a visitor, the opportunity to scale the mountain for some of the most beautiful views in the world is amazing. The picturesque views from Snowdonia is the best for the photographer and the free-spirit in you.

Caernarfon Castle

If you like history and adore the royal family, then the significance of this castle is for you. This castle is a protected piece of architecture for its impressive beauty. The UNESCO deemed it about 1000 years old and had ordered that it be preserved for its historical significance. The beauty and importance of this castle go as far as crowning Prince Charles here. When he was crowned the Prince of Wales, this is where his investiture took place.

The Village of Portmeirion

On the North-west coast of Wales, is the beautiful village of Portmeirion. To hear about a town doesn’t seem fascinating. However, this little town is known for how similar it looks to Italy. Unlike Welsh other cities, this town has pottery and design at its heart. The stunning architecture is a sight to behold and who would not want a little bit of the Italian mystic nestled in Wales.

Pembrokeshire National Park

If you are up for hikes and long walks to take in incredibly breathtaking scenery and some picture-worthy landscapes, then this national park is for you. The coastal walk is gorgeous, and a chance to swim with dolphins is a win for anyone. There are kayaks available for hire down at this coast. The bay is surrounded by dolphins and puffins that are adorable to witness.  They come in close encounters with visitors who come to Skomer Island too.

Tresaith’s Christian Church

Pagan history is an acquired taste. If you love the magical mystery behind the pagans, then you should visit this little church. It is found in the middle of nowhere and is a host for some really interesting pagan stories. The folklore is that 7 Irish sisters had come to the coastline of Wales in this place to get away from their evil father. The whole ground in this sacred place is circular in structure to ward away evil spirits. Truly a scary story to learn about in detail.

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