Cerith Wyn Evans – Creating Welsh Art with Neon and Light

The manipulation of light to form beautiful art pieces that leave spectators in awe is possible by the one and only Cerith Wyn Evans. Hailing from Wales and born in 1958, the brilliant artist is known for his works in the hues of neon lighting. He currently resides in London but is world renowned for his Welsh heritage. With a background in filmmaking and a future as one of the iconic Welsh, artists, Wyn is known for his unique light displays.

Wyn combined art, history, celestial bodies, philosophy and music in his research to design some of the most beautiful and arrogant displays. The source of his inspiration is transpired into multicolored glass chandeliers and translates to hidden scores of knowledge. The artist in him was unleashed and propagated by the conceptual artist, John Stezaker. The enthusiasm and encouragement of his mentor are what contributed to the maestro that Wyn is today.

A Background in Filmmaking

Evans completed his studies in the Royal College of Art and then went on to work in the movie industry alongside Derek Jarman. His association with Derek started from living next door to the filmmaker. Derek introduced Wyn to the Institute of Contemporary Art while he was a budding filmmaker. Since then, his passion for art only bloomed and blossomed. He found that filmmaking was interfering with his love for art as with many filmmakers. Therefore, when he was at the crossroads to choose between the two forms, his love for art, won.

Beyond Personal Inspirations

Cerith Wyn Evans is one of the unique artists who has carefully severed his personal life away from his art forms. He makes an effort to introduce spectators to the story and history behind the piece than giving them a foretaste into his own life. In general, his art is to teach his audience about his research. At a time, he even created a piece that had a photograph of his father. However, the focus of the image was not about his father but the story behind the picture. He is often known to combine several sources of materials and use light to change the viewer’s perception of space.

Cannot Be Photographed

The artist takes time to ensure that his creations cannot be caught on camera effectively. The images he uses on print also have the unique effect of ‘being there, but not being there’ which is almost impossible to capture on camera. His work of art should be seen to make connections into what lies deeper and vice versa. Manipulating temperature, time of day and lighting, Wyn creates his art to be perceived with all his detailing. The small nuances in the art stand out and change with the different factors that surround it. Walking away from a Wyn showcase leaves viewers with more than just memories. The inability to photographically capture the art adds to the resonance of the art in the viewer’s mind. Viewers might find that the smallest elements used in the art might not make sense. However, every part works in tandem to create the lasting effect, that the artist wants to build.

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