Unique Welsh Customs That Only the Natives Would Understand

When visiting Wales, visitors often refer to them as part of being British. However, the false assumption is among the many unique customs of the Welsh that visitors don’t understand. From the unique language to the slang used by the Welsh, they are a league of their own. Popular trivia about the uniqueness of Wales consists of the sheep to human ratio and the ‘Land of Song’ title, prevails and holds. The little country is littered with exciting activities and customs you would never find anywhere else in the world. The compact, gorgeous and tantalizing country is indeed a love to the Welsh both living in and out of Whales.

Love and Spoons

The Welsh have a cute tradition of offering a wooden spoon to the love of their life. The spoon is not the one that you use at a dinner table but designed with Welsh motifs and is a favorite ornament. The ‘Lovespoon’ started as a tradition and is now sold in gift shops that visitors can purchase. Popular traditional symbols adorned on the spoons are dragons, knots, and horseshoes. Each logo on the spoon symbolizes something unique like protection or eternity.

No, Not British

Calling a Welsh person, British is a sacrilegious crime to the locals. Even though the country belongs to the UK, they are very different from England and UK. When visitors refer to them as being British annoys them and puts them at their guard. The history behind the tyranny between England and Wales goes centuries and remains tight. Whether they live in Wales or no, the Welsh are sensitive to being associated with the British in any way.

The English Rivalry, Celebrated

The Welsh despise being associated with the British more than any other nation and look for every chance to celebrate their independence. Sports is a known battleground for countries to be involved in a friendly battle. Therefore, when the two countries play against each other in a game of Rugby, the Welsh make a big deal about it. The sport is a massive deal in Wales than it ever will be in England and they celebrate their win against the Brits with pomp and splendor. Right from the brutal commentary, to raging crowds, the rugby matches are close to watching gladiators at the Colosseum. A blood-thirsty war is a fitting term for it.

Emotions are Welcome

In general, the Welsh have a very soft spot. They are emotional and kind people. Their loyalty to their country goes far and beyond personal grievances. This goes as far as grown men even crying over rugby match losses. The beauty of watching a rugby game at the Millennium Stadium raises goosebumps whether it is a win or a loss for the Welsh. Visitors who are planning a trip to Wales, should watch a game at the stadium to see and believe the passion the Welsh have for country and sport.

Bottoms Up Any Day

You don’t need a reason to drink and get drunk with the Welsh. Every day and every occasion is a reason to drink and enjoy life. The people revolve their lives around alcohol and socializing is a perk for drinking and not the other way around like the rest of the world. The drinking culture of Wales has aided in earning the title of being the ‘binge drinking capital of the world.’ The pub culture is strong in Wales, and the average consumption sits at a whopping 14 units per day for an adult.

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