Misconceptions About Wales and The Welsh Lifestyle

Others often misinterpret cultures because of opinions formed by the media or through sources of history that highlight irrelevant pieces of data. The Welsh have been thought to carry a stigma based on historical facts and often because of a few media personnel. The English who are the closest neighbors to Wales, tend to have their opinions about the Welsh as well even though they are the closest country to wales. England and Wales have much of a love-hate relationship since ancient times, and the strain has not helped with forming the right opinion about what Wales is today when compared to historical times.

  1. To travel to Wales, you need to pay – While this is only partially true, it is not entirely the right information. To get into Wales, a traveler will need to pay if they travel through the Second Severn Crossing, which is a toll bridge. However, there are several ways for a traveler to gain access to Wales. Approaching Wales from the South through Chester or even from Shrewsbury in the west is an option for anyone who wishes to travel to No matter which route you take to enter Wales, the scenery that you would be greeted with is indeed a spectacular sight that you will never forget.
  2. Everyone in Wales is singers – While Welsh music is impressive and one of the most angelic voices come from Wales, that is not all that the nation is known for. Many of the Welsh choirs that are popular are ensembles of different voices from all over like Aled Jones, Kathleen Jenkins or even Sir Tom Jones.
  3. Everyone wears the National costume of Wales alwaysDavid’s day is celebrated on the 1st of May every year when school kids and community groups dress up in the traditional Welsh costumes. Other than for the occasion, no one in Wales wears the costume.
  4. Everyone in Wales is obsessed with rugby – The national sport of Wales is rugby and was introduced in the mid-1850s. In 1881, the Welsh Rugby Union was formed, and they are known to have a reputation for never missing being qualified for the Rugby World Cup. The Welsh are truly in love with their sport, but not every single person is fond of it. They might catch a glimpse of it on the television stations or just carry about their normal routine.
  5. The Valleys is otherwise known as Wales – The Valleys are historic mining areas that are between hills and moorland. There are over 20 valleys that are part of the formation, but they are not all that is Wales. The Valleys comprise only one-eighth of the region. Other cities in Wales have more than three-quarters of the population of wales when compared to the Valleys.
  6. The names of places in Wales can never be pronounced – Most people who see the signs to the names of places in Wales find it very difficult to pronounce However, that’s least of your worries when you have to say large words that essentially mean an entire phrase. In actuality, it’s not that people don’t know how to pronounce it, it is more than they don’t know how to say a sentence in Welsh.
  7. Everyone speaks Welsh everywhere – Absolutely no. Not everyone in Wales speaks Welsh. Remarkably few people continue to speak Welsh and keep up the traditions, most of Wales is now modernized, and while many of the traditions are passed down from generation to the next, not everyone follows them.
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