The Promising Future of Junior Players in Welsh Rugby

Rugby is a contact sport, reserved only for the athletic and the heavily built. Rugby is a sport loved by many and has the trickiest of moves and the most stressful moments. Every part of the game is a challenge. Many countries participate in this violent grade game, and the audiences love it. Almost a decade ago Wales secured their ticket to the semi-finals in the junior world championship.

The Promising Future of Junior Players in Welsh Rugby

The Juniors of 2018

Over the years, the junior players have only become better and stronger in the sport. The latest junior players have much to brag about after their much-deserved victory. As a result of earning a win over France, an acclaimed junior player, Sam Warburton described that the post-match interviews were the best moments of his life. The six out the ten Welsh juniors who started that day progressed to become senior internationals. However, no victory is set in stone as Ireland prospered at the senior level despite the unexceptional efforts in the under-20s global bash. The rising stars that have surfaced since the competition have shown potential for future tournaments. The Welsh rugby class of 2018 have shown significant levels of skill, but their results and performance so far have yet to capture the attention and hearts of the audience. They suffered at a 42-10 defeat at New Zealand, 39-15 against Argentina and barely won against Japan with a score of 18-17. However, it was no surprise to see that Wales finished with only Scotland below them in the junior six nations in 2018. After a defeat against Italy, it would have taken a supreme optimistic to predict that the Welsh class of 2018 would defeat all before them at this world championship. During the game against New Zealand, Wales found that they were struggling against the set pieces and were forced to turn over 17 times, unfortunately, unable to manage a single clean break. During the fight against Argentina, they missed the majority of their tackles which they attempted against the more powerful and more skilled opponents. However, as an improvement, there was a significant increase in the effort during the game against Australia. Dragons youngster, Taine Basham, found himself featured at number 8. He achieved four turnovers, and 17 carries by himself, a total that no one could match. Basham playing during the Australia game is described as having a hero inside of him. The player matched in potential what he didn’t have in size.

Taking Home The Glory

The talents that are promised by the Welsh team is considerable, and there is no doubt about their future especially with the young talents such as Basham, Cai Evans, Harri Morgan, Dewi Cross, and Tiaan Thomas-Wheeler, who are all 18-year-olds. Everything seems possible. A year is a considerable amount of time for improvement for the Welsh team, and by the time that the next tournament comes around, the talented five are expected to possess significant potential. During the Argentina game, coaches have taken to heart the efforts of the players Corey Baldwin and Ryan Conbeer. After the efforts of all the young players who participated in the tournament, it is clearly shown how the players have a passion and an affinity for the sport although they may have only a couple of more years in the under-20s set-up.

Tiaan Thomas-Wheeler
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