The Cultural Facts and Traditions of The Welsh

Ever heard of a dragon used as a national symbol? The Welsh do.

There is more to Wales than the sports and interesting cuisine. The culture of the Welsh is filled to the brim with mythological dragons and a very elvish language. Many of the cultural practices in Wales is taken from England and adopted to the Welsh lifestyle and beliefs. The little country has managed to keep its culture and traditions in tact despite the large influence that its English neighbors have on it.

The country is itself is nestled in the western corner or Britain and is said to have humans inhabiting it for the past 30,000 years. The country was once a part of the Roman empire, and therefore, there are traces of Celtic roots still mixed in the culture. If there is one word to describe Wales, its ‘Green.’ Everything from forests, mountains, and farmlands are scattered in abundance across the entire country with quaint places for inhabitation by humans.

Family Values and Cultural Communities

The entire country has a unique language which is far from the English language that we are used to. There is a lot of care taken to preserve the original language of the Welsh for its significance and historical value. The language itself sounds very elvish, and you can see it used in many mystical movies as well. The number of people who speak Welsh is deficient these days. Dragons, daffodils, and leeks are national symbols based on the mythical legends that form the crux of their tradition.

Most people in Wales are Christians of different denominations. Meeting with extended families is a very important part of the culture and is often a tradition. After church, families get together for a meal and spend time together. Children thus grow up to be a part of the extended family even if they live with just their parents. The towns are small, and most people know each other. When a stranger meets another Welsh person, they often go into detailed talk about identifying the family that they come from, which is considered strange in many customs.

Cuisine, Sport, and Attire

Since a lot of Wales is involved in farming, their cuisine is heavily meat-based but has a lot of vegetables as well. Much of wales are near the coast, and this contributes to their seafood cuisine too. Their stews and soups are to die for. The alcohol is produced locally and primarily consists of Whiskey and Beer.

The traditional attire of the Welsh is to brag about. The women occasionally wear the long dresses that are predominantly in red and finish off with a checked apron. A tall black hat compliments the attire and is a unique feature in their attire for women. Some rural parts of Wales still have women who dress in the traditional attire. However, most of Wales have adopted the western form of clothing.

If you are a sports fan, likelihoods are you might have heard of the Welsh rugby team. Passionate players play the sport, and the locals are equally enthusiastic about supporting them. Rugby forms a very important part of the national identity of Wales, and the Welsh take pride in their ability to ace this sport. Other sports that are popular here are cricket and soccer.

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