The Essence Behind Shani Rhys James’ Art

Many people who view her paintings always wonder who the person behind the brush is. The biggest art exhibitions in Wales showcase her art. The huge crowds of people who attend these festivals find that her blood red photos are simply a reflection of who the artist is. The face and head of the paintings are severely thwarted in today’s self-portraits. This is the classic signature stroke of Shani, which leaves spectators wondering who she is.

Shani Rhys James has broken all cultural barriers in her art forms. She does not use any additional items such as masks and disguises to hide the expressions on her art. She simply uses plain colour and nests her features inside brilliant hues of red. She interrogates herself in her self-portraits and shows off who she is in color. The move even won her the prized Jerwood Prize in the year 2003.

The Emotions Behind The Work

The primary emotions that Shani brings out in her art are family and studio. When you look at her art and think of a mother and daughter, you will notice the irreplaceable bond that a young child has with a mother. This happens to be the essential emotional component in her paintings. Many of the child and mother paintings have one factor in common – A baby cot. The cot is rather strange and not one which you would assume to be a painting that signifies bond.

The structure of the cot is like a cage and not lie the usual white cot which signifies peacefulness and calm. The appealing factor about her paintings of the mother and child type is that every character in the painting looks directly at the spectator. They under no circumstance look at each other. Critics say that her mother’s acting background might have influenced the need to make her characters to always look at the spectator.

The Studio Emotion in Her Paintings

The emotions that come with her paintings begin way before she even has prepped the studio to begin painting. The studio paintings always showcase an image of herself surround by all her tools in her studio. The studio takes to set in different types of places that many artists consider a studio. For example, the painting ‘Palette Knife’ is of a surgeon with a knife in an operating theatre.

The violence that’s showcased in shades of reds and black in her paintings stand out as a negative emotion. However, if you delve deeper into her art, the real essence and the meaning of her art stand out. Her work is permanently displayed in national libraries and seems like a piece of her exists in her paintings. Her painting talks to a spectator to ask questions about self-reflection and how they can relate to her work. While self-reflection is at the core of her work, people have seen that they can look into their past selves and reflect on how her work relates to them. If there is one thing that Shani exhibits, it is her spectacular artist self, who has broken the conforms and traditions that come with originating from Wales.

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