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Traditional Food to Tantalize the Adventurous Palate

The superstitions, customs, and traditions of the Welsh are not the only things that are fiercely defended. The Welsh are equally passionate about their cuisine. While there have been several times in history where the Welsh have been tried to be snuffed out, the ones that remain have slowly propagated. Slowly and steadily the numbers […]

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Magical Experiences to Witness in Wales

Visitors who have visited Wales are often struck by the magical sense of calm and beauty the place radiates. There is more to the culture, landscape and the food that Wales hs to offer. The locals who leave Wales always come back for the sense of home they find in Wales. The Welsh language is […]

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5 Welsh Artists That Have Contributed to The Welsh Culture

There is no shortage for art in Wales. For a visitor or a local, the place is a haven of events that revolve around art and is an inspiration to art lovers. The history behind the art and the landscapes that contribute to the art scene is what makes art that originates from Wales so […]

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